Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If you’re Happy and you know it……

How do you define happiness? I mean what is happy and how come as soon as you are happy it seems that something just happens and that happiness is gone?
I mean is happy an emotion or a state of mind? I think happy is a state of mind not an emotion I think your emotions are something you cant control or handle sometimes, but a state of mind is something that you believe and are in control of. If you tell yourself that you are happy you are going to be happy regardless of what is happening around you. I mean there have been days where its raining, I am late for class, I am not ready for the quiz, my gas light is on and just a slew of other negative things that are happening in my life that should cause me to be depressed and sad, but I am walking around with the biggest smile on my face because I am not going to let those minor things get me down. I am not even going to let other people piss me off. I Courtney Nichelle hold the key that opens the door to my happiness and I won’t let anyone have that key. No matter what is going on in my life I am going to be happy or at least try my hardest. I think God takes you through some serious mess sometimes just too how we will handle it and the outcome of how we handle those issues will always be a positive one if we handle it the right way. Sometimes it’s hard to keep sight of your happiness when your world seems to be crashing down. There have been times where I just wonder why bad things continue to happen to me, but I realize that all the BS I go through will ultimately make me a stronger. I think if people try and look at the positive and negative they would be a lot happier with life. When I am in a state of happiness it’s something I can’t describe in words its something I have to express and share with others because why be selfish and keep my smile to myself? So keep a positive attitude and be happy even though there may be hurricanes going on in your life sunshine will be there soon. Remember smiling is contagious....

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