Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer 2009 Wasnt So Fine

as i sit here at my desk at work I think how horrible this summer has been okay okay let me not be dramatic, but this summer has been the most ummm?? ahhhh??? you know i cant even find a word for it. I mean this summer wasnt horrible and it wasnt the best summer ever. I mean i just remember those day when i was SUPER excited about summer i would be like counting down the days. but i think summer is becoming like one of those birthdays where you are happy to see another year of life but its not like a differance in anything just age. i mean when you turned 13 you where SO excited to be a "teenager" when you turned 18 you could finally go out to a club and vote...the birthdays in between are just kinda blah...yea blah thats how my summer has been. I planned to do SO much i wanted to take lots of pictures..sleep till 12 in the afternoon..take trips...take a dance everyday...go see all the summer blockbusters i barely did any of that :/ i mean its no one fault. I feel like a large part of the reason i didnt do some of the things i wanted to do this summer is because i felt like i needed some to do it with me. I mean who wants to go to the movie by themselves...thats lame lol and i enjoy having a work-out partner because it is always nice having someone there to motivate you to run that extra lap or do another set of abs. Though my summer wasnt what i planned it to be i somewhat enjoyed. I enjoyed it because i learned alot about myself and realized that sometime you really cant depend on other people if you want to do something. Sometimes your family&friends cant or choose not to do something with you and thats okay because its good to know that you can depend on yourself. I knew that i a long time ago i just think it took awhile for me to believe it. And with me going into my second year of college i am going in with alot more confidence in myself. I KNOW i am capable of dealing with the workload my professor give me i know where and where not to go to when i am stressed. And i know who i can and can not depend on. All these things i learned will not listening in my summer school class or waiting for the phone to ring at work...i guess this summer wasnt TO bad

check the fridge you know your gonna need it for your ceral

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