Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So What!

Since I have started college I have been through a lot of changes…physically I have gained a couple pounds, but luckily been I have hitting the gym and all is well. Emotionally I am still the hard on the outside soft and sensitive person on the inside; I have even changed my style up monthly. But one thing I have realized that has changed about me is my lack of care for other people’s opinion. Now I have never been one of those people who has HAD to have people like me or truly care what they think about me, but you know I would hear things that people have said about me and try to change them to be more likeable to everyone. In the past few months I have realized not everyone is going to like you. You cant be perfect in everyone’s eyes…I believe I am one of those you love her or you hate her people and I would LOVE to think that everyone just loved me, but the fact of the matter is that not everyone will. And I can’t really care about that. If you truly worry about what everyone else thinks about you when are you going to have time to think about yourself and try to work on the person that YOU want to be and become… because there is a difference between being and becoming. You have to work on becoming and you can not do that if you constantly caring about what others think about you. Now I am not saying be one of those angry people who are like F THE WORLD MAN. I just feel like not everyone’s opinion is that important to me that I am going to change my whole way of living to please them. Though I am 19 years young and I have so much more to learn one thing that I have learned and will stick to me is that you have to be yourself.

Until next time check before the fridge before you pour.

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