Friday, July 10, 2009

The Dreaded Group Project...

You remember when you were in kindergarten and you would get a grade for like coloring and nap time…and then you would get a grade for “works well with others”? well lets just say I have always gotten like a B or C- on the that. Its not that I am not a friendly person…just a tad bit of a control freak since the dawn I have HATED group projects I mean just absolutely despise them. In EVERY SINGLE group project I have had I always do all of the work and I have no problem doing that. I am one of those people where I am NOT going to let you control my grade at ALL. I mean what if I let you do a part of the project and we get an F because you wanted to help….AHHH NO. People seems to notice this in high school so every time we had a group project I ended up with the “slackers” or “jocks” who knew they where going to get an A just because I was in their group I mean we would get an A, but I did hate doing the work and I DID hate how no one even offered to help, but I did it anyway and of course we (meaning the whole group) would get an A or B. Even in my spring semester of college we had this HUGE Political Science project that had like 232,42323,5454, (I am exaggerating) parts. And I somehow ended up doing 95.5% of the project by myself which again is fine because in college you get individually graded instead of a group grade which I was extremely happy about that because I got an A while everyone else got Bs and Cs. I am not anti-social I mean I love people. I just like being in control of things that directly affect me and my grades definitely directly affect me. LOL I know this isn’t the BEST viewpoint in life, but I just hate when I have group projects,

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