Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ello Bloggerville

Just like twitter i have decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon...i have a feeling i will get addcited to blogging like i have with anywaz moving on unlike my sisters blog (Clumps of Mascara) i really dont have a purpose to blog i mean when i have random thoughts in my mind i feel like blogging about them...i think it will be a good way to release... i will think of it as my new form a stress therapy because eating cupcakes isnt to and college=stress actually college= alot of things but i will def save that for another post... i just wanted to take this time to introduce myself to the world

*Name-Courtney Nichelle

*Occupation- College Student

*Favorite Color- Its changes right now its Black&Lime Green

*I LOVE LOVE to eat if there was a job where i could eat all day and get paid for it i would do it in a heartbeat...if anyone knows of any job like that please send me an application ASAP

* i love to travel i have been to a couple of cool places but when i retire i want to travel around the work just to eat...

ummm really dont know what else to say about myself without me sounding vain or

but until next time

hope next time you pour your cereal that have some milk

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  1. Great first post and I look forward to reading more. I gotta say that I would suggest that you don't wait until you retire to travel around the world. Do it now. Grab every opportunity you can and create opportunities for yourself. When you retire you may be too tired, broke, or ill to climb a mountain in another country, eat exotic food (your taste buds and stomach change with age) or back pack through Europe. As a college student you can travel as an exchange student, use student loans to pay for it and earn credits in the process. Go for it and Enjoy! Valerie (twitter @valanaminerals)