Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Long time no blogging….I have realized that blogging is a lifestyle and as a working college student it isn’t the easiest job, but I will try to do better.

Now a couple of weeks ago Mattel came out with new black Barbie’s with fuller lips wider noses to make them look more like the average black woman I mean I am happy that Mattel has finally catered to younger girl because when I was growing up I would have LOVED to have a Barbie who I thought looked like me, but I never did. A lot of people are up in arms about this new doll because they say the hair is too straight and then other people are angry because they said how come they don’t have white dolls that look more like white Americans with freckles and red hair and things like that. GOOD QUESTION, but why are you getting upset that they are making Black dolls?? Take it up with Mattel NOT that person who created the black dolls. Personally I love the new dolls no not because one of them is named Courtney :) (She is too cute, but anyway) finally there are dolls that cater to US. I have no idea why people are so upset that the dolls hair is straight and not kinky now come on if Mattel made a dolls that had “nappy” hair that you couldn’t comb through people would be upset and ready to call Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson saying that they are making African-America woman’s hair look bad. I mean the number one reason I loved Barbie is so I could comb through her long straight hair and though I love natural hair (mainly because my sister beat me to like it…just kidding kinda -_-) for many younger girls that would not sell and they main reason Mattel made this doll is to what??? GET PAID. I can understand why many white Americans would get upset that they are catering to African American dolls and not white ones, but that truth of the matter is the first African-American Barbie doll wasn’t put out until 1968 Barbie was invited in 1959 and didn’t look at thing like African-American women even growing up watching Barbie commercials I would NEVER see a young black girl playing with a black Barbie doll NEVER, but now I do and it makes me happy to see that times are changing and the when I do have little girls they will look at their Barbie and say “Mommy that Barbie on TV looks like me” As and African-American women I realized that we come in so many different shapes, colors, and forms that if Mattel tried to cater to EVERY SINGLE ONE of us they would be working on that for the rest of their lives. Granted I am 20 years old and WAY over my Barbie days, but seeing these dolls has really shed light and how African-American girls are really left out when it comes to the dolls industry and maybe if it wasn’t for our President that light would still be out.

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