Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Long time no blogging….I have realized that blogging is a lifestyle and as a working college student it isn’t the easiest job, but I will try to do better.

Now a couple of weeks ago Mattel came out with new black Barbie’s with fuller lips wider noses to make them look more like the average black woman I mean I am happy that Mattel has finally catered to younger girl because when I was growing up I would have LOVED to have a Barbie who I thought looked like me, but I never did. A lot of people are up in arms about this new doll because they say the hair is too straight and then other people are angry because they said how come they don’t have white dolls that look more like white Americans with freckles and red hair and things like that. GOOD QUESTION, but why are you getting upset that they are making Black dolls?? Take it up with Mattel NOT that person who created the black dolls. Personally I love the new dolls no not because one of them is named Courtney :) (She is too cute, but anyway) finally there are dolls that cater to US. I have no idea why people are so upset that the dolls hair is straight and not kinky now come on if Mattel made a dolls that had “nappy” hair that you couldn’t comb through people would be upset and ready to call Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson saying that they are making African-America woman’s hair look bad. I mean the number one reason I loved Barbie is so I could comb through her long straight hair and though I love natural hair (mainly because my sister beat me to like it…just kidding kinda -_-) for many younger girls that would not sell and they main reason Mattel made this doll is to what??? GET PAID. I can understand why many white Americans would get upset that they are catering to African American dolls and not white ones, but that truth of the matter is the first African-American Barbie doll wasn’t put out until 1968 Barbie was invited in 1959 and didn’t look at thing like African-American women even growing up watching Barbie commercials I would NEVER see a young black girl playing with a black Barbie doll NEVER, but now I do and it makes me happy to see that times are changing and the when I do have little girls they will look at their Barbie and say “Mommy that Barbie on TV looks like me” As and African-American women I realized that we come in so many different shapes, colors, and forms that if Mattel tried to cater to EVERY SINGLE ONE of us they would be working on that for the rest of their lives. Granted I am 20 years old and WAY over my Barbie days, but seeing these dolls has really shed light and how African-American girls are really left out when it comes to the dolls industry and maybe if it wasn’t for our President that light would still be out.

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Thursday, September 3, 2009

*whisper-voice* obession

okay now that school is in and i am on the computer ALOT more i will def being doing alot more blogging...every now and then i am going to do a post on an obession that i have and my first one is DEGRASSI

Okay now i was fan of Degrassi WAAAYYYY before Drake was Drake...i mean the boy can flow, but i still see him as Jimmy Brooks in the wheelchair

Now i loved loved loved loved this show i mean every friday night i wouldnt go anywhere until i watched some Degrassi...i mean this show was in Canada and we know Canada makes the best of the best music,movies, and tv shows...lol

The thing about this show was it was like TO DRAMTIC i mean the stuff that they went through of course happend in your school, but not all in the same day i mean on Degressi...on any given day Emma developed am eating disorder..Manny would be sleeping with someones boyfriend...and Marco just told everyone he was gay...i mean this was just on one day i mean at WHAT SCHOOL DOES ALL THAT HAPPEN ON ONE DAY....lol i mean i loved this show...now that i am older and realize that it NEVER happens like that in the real world, but still i was totally obessed what tv show where you obessed with?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer 2009 Wasnt So Fine

as i sit here at my desk at work I think how horrible this summer has been okay okay let me not be dramatic, but this summer has been the most ummm?? ahhhh??? you know i cant even find a word for it. I mean this summer wasnt horrible and it wasnt the best summer ever. I mean i just remember those day when i was SUPER excited about summer i would be like counting down the days. but i think summer is becoming like one of those birthdays where you are happy to see another year of life but its not like a differance in anything just age. i mean when you turned 13 you where SO excited to be a "teenager" when you turned 18 you could finally go out to a club and vote...the birthdays in between are just kinda blah...yea blah thats how my summer has been. I planned to do SO much i wanted to take lots of pictures..sleep till 12 in the afternoon..take trips...take a dance class...work-out everyday...go see all the summer blockbusters i barely did any of that :/ i mean its no one fault. I feel like a large part of the reason i didnt do some of the things i wanted to do this summer is because i felt like i needed some to do it with me. I mean who wants to go to the movie by themselves...thats lame lol and i enjoy having a work-out partner because it is always nice having someone there to motivate you to run that extra lap or do another set of abs. Though my summer wasnt what i planned it to be i somewhat enjoyed. I enjoyed it because i learned alot about myself and realized that sometime you really cant depend on other people if you want to do something. Sometimes your family&friends cant or choose not to do something with you and thats okay because its good to know that you can depend on yourself. I knew that i a long time ago i just think it took awhile for me to believe it. And with me going into my second year of college i am going in with alot more confidence in myself. I KNOW i am capable of dealing with the workload my professor give me i know where and where not to go to when i am stressed. And i know who i can and can not depend on. All these things i learned will not listening in my summer school class or waiting for the phone to ring at work...i guess this summer wasnt TO bad

check the fridge you know your gonna need it for your ceral

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

If you’re Happy and you know it……

How do you define happiness? I mean what is happy and how come as soon as you are happy it seems that something just happens and that happiness is gone?
I mean is happy an emotion or a state of mind? I think happy is a state of mind not an emotion I think your emotions are something you cant control or handle sometimes, but a state of mind is something that you believe and are in control of. If you tell yourself that you are happy you are going to be happy regardless of what is happening around you. I mean there have been days where its raining, I am late for class, I am not ready for the quiz, my gas light is on and just a slew of other negative things that are happening in my life that should cause me to be depressed and sad, but I am walking around with the biggest smile on my face because I am not going to let those minor things get me down. I am not even going to let other people piss me off. I Courtney Nichelle hold the key that opens the door to my happiness and I won’t let anyone have that key. No matter what is going on in my life I am going to be happy or at least try my hardest. I think God takes you through some serious mess sometimes just too how we will handle it and the outcome of how we handle those issues will always be a positive one if we handle it the right way. Sometimes it’s hard to keep sight of your happiness when your world seems to be crashing down. There have been times where I just wonder why bad things continue to happen to me, but I realize that all the BS I go through will ultimately make me a stronger. I think if people try and look at the positive and negative they would be a lot happier with life. When I am in a state of happiness it’s something I can’t describe in words its something I have to express and share with others because why be selfish and keep my smile to myself? So keep a positive attitude and be happy even though there may be hurricanes going on in your life sunshine will be there soon. Remember smiling is contagious....

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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Dreaded Group Project...

You remember when you were in kindergarten and you would get a grade for like coloring and nap time…and then you would get a grade for “works well with others”? well lets just say I have always gotten like a B or C- on the that. Its not that I am not a friendly person…just a tad bit of a control freak since the dawn I have HATED group projects I mean just absolutely despise them. In EVERY SINGLE group project I have had I always do all of the work and I have no problem doing that. I am one of those people where I am NOT going to let you control my grade at ALL. I mean what if I let you do a part of the project and we get an F because you wanted to help….AHHH NO. People seems to notice this in high school so every time we had a group project I ended up with the “slackers” or “jocks” who knew they where going to get an A just because I was in their group I mean we would get an A, but I did hate doing the work and I DID hate how no one even offered to help, but I did it anyway and of course we (meaning the whole group) would get an A or B. Even in my spring semester of college we had this HUGE Political Science project that had like 232,42323,5454, (I am exaggerating) parts. And I somehow ended up doing 95.5% of the project by myself which again is fine because in college you get individually graded instead of a group grade which I was extremely happy about that because I got an A while everyone else got Bs and Cs. I am not anti-social I mean I love people. I just like being in control of things that directly affect me and my grades definitely directly affect me. LOL I know this isn’t the BEST viewpoint in life, but I just hate when I have group projects,

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

So What!

Since I have started college I have been through a lot of changes…physically I have gained a couple pounds, but luckily been I have hitting the gym and all is well. Emotionally I am still the hard on the outside soft and sensitive person on the inside; I have even changed my style up monthly. But one thing I have realized that has changed about me is my lack of care for other people’s opinion. Now I have never been one of those people who has HAD to have people like me or truly care what they think about me, but you know I would hear things that people have said about me and try to change them to be more likeable to everyone. In the past few months I have realized not everyone is going to like you. You cant be perfect in everyone’s eyes…I believe I am one of those you love her or you hate her people and I would LOVE to think that everyone just loved me, but the fact of the matter is that not everyone will. And I can’t really care about that. If you truly worry about what everyone else thinks about you when are you going to have time to think about yourself and try to work on the person that YOU want to be and become… because there is a difference between being and becoming. You have to work on becoming and you can not do that if you constantly caring about what others think about you. Now I am not saying be one of those angry people who are like F THE WORLD MAN. I just feel like not everyone’s opinion is that important to me that I am going to change my whole way of living to please them. Though I am 19 years young and I have so much more to learn one thing that I have learned and will stick to me is that you have to be yourself.

Until next time check before the fridge before you pour.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Ello Bloggerville

Just like twitter i have decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon...i have a feeling i will get addcited to blogging like i have with twitter...lol anywaz moving on unlike my sisters blog (Clumps of Mascara) i really dont have a purpose to blog i mean when i have random thoughts in my mind i feel like blogging about them...i think it will be a good way to release... i will think of it as my new form a stress therapy because eating cupcakes isnt to healthly...lol and college=stress actually college= alot of things but i will def save that for another post... i just wanted to take this time to introduce myself to the world

*Name-Courtney Nichelle

*Occupation- College Student

*Favorite Color- Its changes everyday...lol right now its Black&Lime Green

*I LOVE LOVE to eat if there was a job where i could eat all day and get paid for it i would do it in a heartbeat...if anyone knows of any job like that please send me an application ASAP

* i love to travel i have been to a couple of cool places but when i retire i want to travel around the work just to eat...

ummm really dont know what else to say about myself without me sounding vain or stupid...lol

but until next time

hope next time you pour your cereal that have some milk