Thursday, September 3, 2009

*whisper-voice* obession

okay now that school is in and i am on the computer ALOT more i will def being doing alot more blogging...every now and then i am going to do a post on an obession that i have and my first one is DEGRASSI

Okay now i was fan of Degrassi WAAAYYYY before Drake was Drake...i mean the boy can flow, but i still see him as Jimmy Brooks in the wheelchair

Now i loved loved loved loved this show i mean every friday night i wouldnt go anywhere until i watched some Degrassi...i mean this show was in Canada and we know Canada makes the best of the best music,movies, and tv

The thing about this show was it was like TO DRAMTIC i mean the stuff that they went through of course happend in your school, but not all in the same day i mean on Degressi...on any given day Emma developed am eating disorder..Manny would be sleeping with someones boyfriend...and Marco just told everyone he was gay...i mean this was just on one day i mean at WHAT SCHOOL DOES ALL THAT HAPPEN ON ONE i mean i loved this that i am older and realize that it NEVER happens like that in the real world, but still i was totally obessed what tv show where you obessed with?